QRA, HAZOP Study and Submission of ERDMP in line with PNGRB guidelines at Korba Terminal and Jayant Depot

IOCL Jayant Depot intended to conduct the Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) & Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan (ERDMP) study for their Depot located at Jayant 3km away from Shakti Nagar and 15.3 km from Singrauli Railway Station. IOCL operates Jayant Depot Madhya Pradesh for distribution of petroleum products MS/HSD/SKO to revenue district, of Singrauli and Sidhi districts and some areas of Western U.P. by Tank Trucks. It receives MS/HSD/SKO by Railway tank wagon. It plays an important role in the Indian Oil distribution network.

The following facilities were covered under the QRA, HAZOP & ERDMP study for the Project.

  • Products are received through Rail Wagon Unloading facility.
  • Storage tanks with adequate capacities for storing products.
  • Products loading into tank Lorries, via loading arms

Methodology of QRA

  • To identify the Hazard (Fire / Explosion uncontrolled release of Hazardous material / Flash Fire / Jet Fire/ Overpressure and Unconfined Overpressure etc.) and selection of failure case scenarios
  • To calculate physical effects of failure case scenarios
  • To evaluate Failure Frequency and likelihood of occurrence of possible events.
  • To quantify societal risk and Estimate Potential Loss of Life.
  • Perform a risk assessment to confirm that risk can be reduced consistently with the ALARP principle
  • To recommend risk reducing measures and to ensure that all risks are in ALARP or in Acceptable region

Methodology of HAZOP

  •  Node Marking  based on (Stream, equipment or a Package) on the P&ID
  • List the intention & process parameters, guidewords for the node
  • List all deviations and ignore deviations that are not meaningful and Apply the deviation
  • Brainstorm and list various causes of the deviation and ignore causes that are not credible
  • Determine the consequences of the deviation due to each listed credible cause
  • Safeguards Identification which is already provided in the system
  • Identify Risk Matrix based on severity & likelihood
  • Suggest recommendations/actions, should the safeguards be inadequate

Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan

The objective of this ERDMP is to identify emergencies which can arise during normal operations of IOCL Jayant depot and recommend mitigation measures to reduce and eliminate the risk or disaster, develop plans for actions when disaster or emergencies occur and keep prepared responses that mobilize the necessary emergency services including responders (primary, secondary and tertiary), Government as well as non-governmental agencies. This also includes post disaster recovery with aim to restore the affected area to its original conditions.


  • To Collect, Organize & Analyze the Data      provided by IOCL
  • To Prepare report based on recent PNGRB amended guidelines