Pulsation study and Mechanical Vibration Analysis of Suction & Discharge Piping of Wash Water Pumps of OHCU & HCU units of IOCL Panipat Refinery.

The Panipat Refinery of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) is the 7th largest & technologically sophisticated public sector refinery complex in India spread across a land of 4222 acres. iFluids Engineering was assigned to conduct pulsation study & Mechanical Vibration Analysis of Suction & Discharge Piping of Wash Water Pumps of OHCU & HCU units in Panipat Refinery.

The Purpose of carrying out Pulsation study of the wash water circuit piping was to ensure:

  • Safety of piping and piping components
  • Safety of connected equipment and supporting structures
  • Piping deflections and vibrations within the allowable limits
  • Design and provision of supports at the most suitable & feasible location.


  • Pulsation Study and Mechanical Vibration Analysis for both the suction and discharge pipeline of Wash Water Pumps of OHCU & HCU Units of Panipat Refinery .
  • Wash Water Pump Tag numbers for which Pulsation Study and Mechanical Vibration Analysis was carried out are as follows:
Sl noUnitDrawaing Details
1OHCU Wash Water Pumps
(Tag No.:05-PA-RC-007 A / B / C / D)
Total 19 nos. Of drawings.
2HGU Wash Water Pumps (Tag No.: 75-RP-113 A / B)Total 25 nos. Of drawings.
  • Peak to peak pressure variation in predicting liquid hammer conditions inside the pipeline. The peak pressure was compared against the guidelines provided in API-674.
  • With appropriate Software the pressure variation in the vibration/harmonic loads on the pipeline, throughout its length was evaluated.
  • Mechanical Vibration Analysis carried out using appropriate Software to ensure that natural frequency of pipelines aren’t coinciding with the natural frequency of pumps.
  • Regions of high stress, deflection evaluated with the harmonic load result obtained using appropriate software.
  • Based on conducted analysis, design changes were suggested in the piping like: additional pulsation dampers, orifice plate, pipe supports and pipe hangers etc.

Completion Period

The time of completion of the project was 45 days.


  • Detailed report on Pulsation/Vibration simulation procedure
  • Examination of the pipe supports and provided suggestions to include extra supports, hangers and anchors to reduce resonance and displacement in pipes.
  • Final Modified Isometric drawings, including support drawings incorporating the output of the Pulsation study and Mechanical vibration analysis.