Pre Start-Up Safety Review

The PSSR is a safety review conducted prior to startup (commissioning) of a new or modified or temporarily shut processing/manufacturing plant or facility to ensure that installations meet the original design or operating intent, to catch and re-assess any potential hazard due to changes during the commissioning of new or revamping or shutdown of a plant. In other words, it ensures the “Ready for Start-up” status of process facility/units. A Pre Startup Safety Review covers not only equipment, but also procedures and training.

Purpose and activities of PSSR

The purpose and activities of a pre start-up safety review for a new / modified/ shutdown plant are as follows
• To ensure that the installations meet the original design and operating intent of process facility.
• To ensure safety, operating, maintenance and emergency procedures are in place and adequate.
• To ensure training of each employee involved in the operating process is completed.
• To Coordinate PSSR participation from plant operators and authorities.
• To Conduct Technical and HSE reviews of documentation and on site.
• To verify all construction and equipment is in accordance with safety, environmental and health regulation and standards.
• To complete all corrective action items raised in the PSSR.
• To complete Post- Start-up corrective action items.
• Representative of the Project Owner sign the PSSR checklists for approval of commissioning/start-up of the plant.
• Documentation of PSSR.


Step 1 – Follow up HAZOP Review

The follow up HAZOP will include

• Investigation on the follow-up action items provided by project on recommendations from previous HAZOP study
• Systematic review of all changes to the design since the previous HAZOP study

The support documents for follow-up HAZOP review should be:

• Engineering Flow Schemes or PFDs
• Utility Flow Schemes or UFDs
• Lists of site modifications since the original HAZOP study
• Process Safeguarding memorandum
• Operating and control philosophy, Cause and effect diagram
• Other support documentation

Step 2 – Documentation Review

The documentation review is to check the availability and status of operating manuals, start-up/shutdown and emergency procedures. Following documents should be checked for availability and status:
• Operating manuals/procedures
• Emergency procedures
• Instruction of handling of chemicals
• Operation checklists on safety equipment
• Safeguarding Memorandum
• As-built P&IDs/PFDs
• Area Classification drawings, Plot Plans
• Fire Protection drawings

Step 3 – Technical HSE Site Review

This involves a qualified team to carry out site review with support from individuals of various departments to conduct a physical examination of the plant and its units which have been modified or shut due to administrative reasons. The team will check for the operability conditions and compliance to design parameters, functional safety and also the necessary safety measures to be followed during operation.

The following issues will also be concentrated.

• Equipment operability and maintainability
• Outstanding punch list items from mechanical completion associated with PSSR
• Access and exit routes for operators and maintenance personnel
• Small-bore connections
• Location of emergency and safety equipment, warning signs
• Safe location of vent lines
• Locking systems