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Pre- Bid Engineering Services for IOCL Refinery - Product Tanks,Package of acrylics/Oxo Alcohol Project at Dumad Complex, Vadodara - NRP Projects Private Limited.

Pre-Bid Engineering:

Assisting in the preparation of bids by providing Material Requisitions along with Data Sheets and Specifications for major items in Mechanical, Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation disciplines, and preliminary MTO's for bulk items and bought out items.

In addition to that providing various cost-effective concepts to achieve the design performance that wonโ€™t affect quality and customer requirements.

iFluids Engineering, with our in-house experienced engineering team can assist, study, analyze and suggest technical requirements for the submission of the Bid Document. We provide our entire support to client at all stages in the bidding to facilitate appropriate data / information submission, aiding technical support during the contract finalization. We are, in addition, capable of executing vendor documents reviews as per required codes and standards.

Project Brief:

IOCL intends to install a new Butyl Acrylate production facility consisting of

  1. Acrylic Acid Unit (90 KTA),
  2. Butyl Acrylate Unit (150 KTA) at Dumad which is located 15 kms from Gujarat Refinery
  3. Oxo Alcohol Unit (90 KTA of Normal Butanol)
  4. Modification of existing HGU-II unit at Gujarat Refinery to produce Synthesis Gas Unit (8500 Nm3/hr Syn Gas and 4300 Nm3/hr of Hydrogen production) inside Gujarat Refinery premises and the smooth interface connections of these facilities at Dumad as well as at Gujarat Refinery - with the associated storage & dispatch facilities for Acrylic Acid, Butyl Acrylate, I-Butanol and N Butanol needs to be implemented at Dumad, along with other Utilities & off-site facilities.

For this Project M/s WORLEY India Pvt. Ltd. (WORLEY) (Formerly Jacobs Engineering India Private Limited), Mumbai have been retained as Project Management Consultant (PMC). WORLEY on behalf of M/s Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) has invited bid for qualified bidders against the following Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) package in accordance with the requirements specified in the tender documents. M/s. NRP Projects has participated in the tender as EPCC and has invited M/s iFluids Engineering as the Design and Engineering consultant.

iFluids Responsibilities in Pre-Bid Engineering:

We have provided Technical and Engineering support to NRP projects in the bidding to facilitate appropriate data / information submission, aiding technical support during the Tender Participation.

Multi-disciplinary (Mechanical, Piping, Civil, Structural, Electrical, Instrumentation and Landscaping) MTO, RFQ and Technical documents were submitted to NRP for cost estimation and Bidding.

Activities involved in Pre-Bid Engineering:


  • Review of Scope of Work and Scope Matrix
  • Review of conceptual drawings and documents
  • Project Schedule
  • RFQ Preparation
  • Datasheet preparation
  • Bulk MTO
  • Assistance in cost estimation


  • Basic Hydraulic Study โ€“ Major Process lines
  • Preliminary P&ID
  • Equipment List
  • Process Datasheets for equipment
  • Technical clarification for Vendor queries


  • Equipment list
  • RFQ for Static/ Rotating Equipment
  • Dyke Calculation for tanks
  • Material Specification for Coolers, MXA drum and refrigeration system
  • Material Specification and datasheets for Pumps (12 nos.)
  • Tank thickness calculation for I-Butanol, Butyl Acrylate & N-Butanol storage tanks
  • Technical clarification for Vendor Queries
  • Inputs to civil for Preliminary foundation calculation
  • Interdisciplinary inputs
  • Bulk MTO

Civil & Structural:

  • Review of Plot plan
  • Review of Geo Technical Report
  • Preliminary Equipment foundation calculation
  • Miscellaneous equipment foundation
  • Pipe Support quantities (Sleepers, Pipe rack)
  • Road crossing and Culvert details
  • Landscaping area quantity
  • Preliminary Structural calculation and arrangement
  • Interdisciplinary inputs
  • Demolition MTO
  • Bulk MTO


  • Review of Plot plan
  • Review of PMS and VMS
  • Review of P&ID
  • Line list preparation
  • Preparation of Tie-in Schedule
  • Preliminary Pipe routing
  • Preliminary Datasheet for Special items
  • Piping Support drawings (For quantity purpose)
  • Technical clarification for Vendor Queries
  • Interdisciplinary inputs (i.e., Trench Size, Cable Tray)
  • Painting and Wrapping specification, Quantity
  • Utility piping quantity (based on experience)
  • Demolition MTO
  • Bulk MTO


  • Review of Plot plan
  • Review of Equipment Datasheets
  • Preliminary load calculation and cable sizing
  • Specification for HV, LV Motors
  • Specification for VFD for motors
  • Preliminary Electrical Layout
  • Preliminary SLD
  • Earthing Calculation, Cable Sizing
  • CP requirement Study
  • Preliminary LUX Calculation
  • Preliminary Datasheet for electrical items
  • Technical clarification for Vendor Queries
  • Interdisciplinary inputs (i.e., Trench Size, Cable Tray)
  • Bulk MTO


  • Review of P&ID
  • Preparation of Instrument and IO schedule for Field and Online Instruments
  • Preparation of Instrument and IO schedule for F&G
  • Conceptual System Block Diagrams
  • Preliminary Cable Routing
  • Estimation of Cable length from Plot plan
  • Preliminary Datasheet for Instruments
  • Technical clarification for Vendor Queries
  • Interdisciplinary inputs (i.e., Trench Size, Cable Tray)
  • Bulk MTO
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