Power System Analysis Through Software Modelling At HMRB PL, Haldia Pump Station

Haldia Refinery of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) was commissioned in January 1975 and is located about 136 km downstream of Kolkata in Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal, India. Petroleum products from this refinery are supplied to eastern India by two product pipelines, Haldia-Maurigram-Rajband-Pipeline (HMRB PL) and Haldia-Barauni-Kanpur Pipeline (HBK PL). The present Power System Studies were done for the HMRB PL division.

Power System Analysis/Studies are required for optimization, power system stability check, proper and adequate selection of electrical equipment and to evaluate the performance, reliability, safety and economic operation of the plant. The present study comprised the following parts:

  1. Load Flow Studies: Load Flow and Voltage Drop Studies for the existing HV and LV electrical distribution system to evaluate system operating voltage and power flows on cables and transformers, busbar voltages, equipment loading and transformer tap settings under various operational scenarios.
  2. Short Circuit Studies: Short Circuit Studies used to evaluate the maximum momentary peak, initial symmetrical and interrupting symmetric/asymmetric 3 Phase fault currents and 1 phase to earth fault currents at each of the associated main HV and LV switchgear.  
  3. Harmonic Analysis: Harmonic studies were carried out to verify that the harmonics in the system are within the acceptable limits specified in IEEE 519-2014 standard. In the IEEE 519-2014 standard, harmonic limits are specified at the point of common coupling (PCC), between the plant and the power supply. The HV switchboard was considered as the point of common coupling (PCC).
  4. Relay Co-ordination Study: Relay Co-ordination Study was carried out to ensure that all electrical equipment are adequately protected to minimize plant disturbance during a system fault. The study covers the electrical protection system associated with the 415V and 6.6kV switchgear and settings of relays and their operation time, located in HMRB PL division.
  5. Arc Flash Risk Assessment Study: The Arc Flash Study was performed for all the operations of the system associated with the 415V and 6.6kV switchboards located in the HMRB PL division.