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Occupational Health IDentification (OHID)

Occupational health identification(OHID) is a study in concern with protecting the health of people engaged in a work / employment in an organization. This study is to assess the existing level of occupational health in any industry and analyze the hazards involved. The results of study will suggest to control the level of risks and making the work environment suitable for human health.


  • To identify the potential occupational hazards in the working environmental.
  • To assess the risk level and identify the control measures.
  • To identify the causes & consequences of occupational health hazards.
  • To verify the compliance of international OHID standard in safety and operating procedures.


The methodology comprises of various steps for OHID study by conducting the workshop headed by chairman with appropriate guidewords.   The occupational hazards will be identified based on the working time of the employees, assessing the number of accidents, nature of hazards, and discussion on health safety policy of an organization and risk analysis / assessment on severity.

Sample occupational hazards considered during study:

  • Communication in the Hazardous workplace
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Labelling on Hazardous chemical storage
  • Training for workers to aware of the occupation hazards in their working premises
  • Safety policies and operating procedures are to be intact with international standards.

To derive all the benefits of the hazard identification and assessment process, it shall be systematic and that look into all the activities and tasks of an organization. Assessment of the hazards assists in classifying hazards by risk level which helps to address high priority hazards promptly. Key features of occupational hazard identification and assessment is, considering all kind of hazards – biological, chemical, physical. Classification of hazards by it frequency, probability of occurrence and its severity of hazard.

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