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Material Selection & Corrosion Study in Package 3 for Field Gas Gathering Station (FGGS) of Oil India Limited at Baghjan, Assam - Tilda Systems Engineering Pvt. Ltd

Ms. Oil India Ltd, a Navaratna company under the ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, intends to construct a Modular Field Gas Gathering Station (FGGS), for augmenting natural gas production facility at Baghjan field, in Upper Assam, India.

Baghjan oil field is located about 25 KMs to the northwest of Makum oil field and was discovered in the year 2000. The production from the field is reasonable with ample reserve of crude oil and natural gas. Presently, production is carried out from 6 Nos. of wells through an EPS (Early Production Setup)

Tilda Systems Engineering Pvt Ltd has awarded iFluids Engineering to carry out Material selection & corrosion Study in Package 3 for Field Gas Gathering Station (FGGS) at Oil India Limited.

Project Objective

The Baghjan feild is having huge amount of Non - Associated Gas (NAG) potential and the expected gas production from this area in 7.5 MMSCMD.To explore these resources one modular field Gas Gathering Station (FGGS) having the facilities for production of natural gas is to be created. The proposed FGGS shall have Non-Associated Gas (NAG) processing facility for 5.0 MMSCMD (2 trains x 2.5 MMSCMD) and provision to feed Associated Gas (AG) of 0.5 MMSCMD along with the NAG to a Glycol based Dehydration facility (5.0 MMSCMD) for achieving water dew point less than or equal to (0) Zero Deg Celsius. The facility shall include Production and Test  Manifolds,  Gas  /Condensate/Water Separators , Gas Heaters, Gas Dehydration, Flare system and Effluent Treatment and disposal system along with all the required utilities and auxiliary systems . Space provision will be made within the plant to augment its capacity by installing one more train of 2.5 MMSCMD in future.

Scope of Work

The Scope of work for the Material selection study of FGGS at Baghjan package 3 (BOP Mechanical, piping & field instrumentation) includes the following such as

  • Conduct corrosion study using the ECE software to summarize the materials selection and material performance of the entire facility for various services under different design conditions.
  • Optimal selection of engineering material for all the process piping at the FGGS facility (package 3) by taking into account the normal lowest operating temperature , the lowest temperatures during start-up or shutdown, exceptional cool down events, the coldest ambient temperature of the climate at the plant location and the maximum design conditions.
  • Study and selection of the appropriate material of all process equipment of package 3 FGGS facility which fulfill the best requirement at various (min/norm/max/design) operating temperature & pressure conditions.

Completion Period

The completion period of the Project is 3 weeks.


  • Material Selection Diagrams.
  • Corrosion Prediction Calculations.
  • Material Selection Report.
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