Laboratory Design

Our team operating Laboratory Design are with diverse and vast experience and have gained expertise in understanding the operational and user requirements of applications. This ensures that our detailed engineering, workflow and functionality design define and control all the related activities of any laboratory process for our clients

  • Planning, Detail Design & Engineering
    • Preliminary design and engineering study
    • Value engineering
    • Review and Evaluation of workflow
    • Laboratory Design Layout and Furniture
    • Drawing (Layout, Schematic diagram, elevation, and 3D views)
    • BIM Modelling
    • 3D modeling and Walkthrough’s.
    • Fresh Air Intake
    • Cooling and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
    • Air Extraction & Ventilation
    • Compressed Gas Piping
    • Utility distribution planning
    • Laboratory Safety (Gas detection, safety shower, etc.)
    • As-built drawings and Technical submissions
  • Specialist Project Management Services 
    • Project Scheduling
    • Procurement                    
    • Bring in Specialists, as needed.
  • Construction Support
  • Testing & Commissioning Support
  • Safety Audits
  • LIMS Consulting & Integration
  • Specialised and Customized Support
    • Relocation
    • Brownfield Modification

We can support from concept to detail engineering to execution to completion, by working with all stakeholders. Current trends in 3D visualization tools and tight project control, we are able to efficiently plan the project and deliver on time irrespective of our tight deadlines.

A critical component for success is thorough understanding of Good Laboratory design practices and  International Standards applicable to laboratory infrastructure including SHELL DEP, EN, ASHRAE, ASTM, OSHA and UL. We are known for our efficiency, optimization and multi-disciplinary capabilities. Below are some of the areas that we can support on.

Past Completed Projects

Lab design projects
Lab design projects
Lab design projects