Incorporating the comments of Third Party Inspection Agency in ERDMP Report

The Indane Bottling Plant, Mayiladuthurai is located about 0.5 km from Komal Junction, on the Kumbakonam – Mayiladuthurai Road, 10 KM from Mayiladuthurai. The Plant is constructed meeting all the statutory requirements of State / Central Government and International Standards and specifications stipulated.


Types of cylinders used are 14.2 Kg, 19Kg and 5 Kg cylinders would also be used. Empty cylinders from storage shed are sent to filling shed by chain conveyer. LPG is filled by means of rotary machines (Carousel). 9 point electronic filling machines and cylinder conveyor chain system have been installed for filling of 14.2 kg, 19 kg and 5 kg cylinders. Each cylinder for domestic use will be filled with 14.2 kg of LPG, weight being automatically adjusted. The cylinders for industrial use will be filled with 19.0 Kg of LPG. After filling, the cylinders pass through various quality checks including the weight check, leak test etc., before sealing. The cylinders will be stored at the existing Filled Cylinder storage shed and loaded into trucks for dispatch.

Various Activities at Plant –

1.            Receipt of LPG from Bulk Trucks

2.            LPG stored in Bullet

3.            Receiving of empty LPG cylinder

4.            Filling of LPG into cylinder

5.            Dispatch of filled cylinder

Product Handled –          Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Capacity of the Plant –  10800 MTPA (Bottling & Dispatches)

Bulk Capacity Storage – 99 MTS (Bullet No 1:  33 MT)

                                                (Bullet No 2   :  33 MT)

                                                (Bullet No. 3:  33 MT)

                                                (LPG Filled Cylinder:  9.48 MT

The objective of the this Disaster / Emergency Management Plan is prepared / updated for meeting any emergency response is to respond accidents, hazards etc., through the effective and optimum utilization of all the facilities / resources inbuilt in the plant and available in the neighboring areas as such.

This ERDMP has been prepared so that IOCL Bottling Plant, Mayiladuthurai is always equipped with all the necessary infrastructure, statutory requirements contact details, resources and information to handle and control the emergency, however low is the probability of occurrences.