Illumination Study

illumination study evaluates the lighting installations in a very systematic, crucial manner of a facility into account to identify and control health and safety risks arising from poor or wrong lighting instrumentality utilized in that facility so as to cut back the potential for accidents.

The reviewing of lighting conditions is extremely necessary for the proper health and safety performance of the workers. Some common issues arising because of unhealthy lighting are as follows

  • Insufficient illumination- Poor illumination happens because of failure of lamps/light fixtures, improper spacing of lighting distribution, poor maintenance, etc.
  • Glare– It happens once a part of the visual field is way brighter than normal brightness human eye is generally adapted to. Disability glare happens once there is direct interference with vision of the employees. Wherever vision is partly impaired it’s known as discomfort glare. Each varieties of glare will arise from constant source.
  • Color effects -When a surface is lit by artificial light source or daylight underneath changing sky conditions, could appear in multiple colors. In several operation like motion down, or increasing levels, in a plant, the color plays a very important role.
  • Flicker– Modulation of light at lower frequencies at 50 Hz or lesser are visible to the majority and is termed as flicker. The eye is especially sensitive to flicker. It can, depended on individual’s sensitivity, be a source of each discomfort and fatigue. It can even cause epileptic seizures in some folks.


Hazard Identification: Determine wherever there are lighting effects like poor illumination, glare, flicker etc. identify wherever design faults are in lighting arrangement. Check for improper lighting installation, maintenance, replacement and disposal .Finally evaluate the emergency lighting system.

 Decide who might be harmed: After analysis of the lighting hazards, evaluate who will be harmed from the lighting issues.

 Evaluate the risk: When finding hazards, the safety measures taken to stop this accidents are adequate or which has not been checked. If not, further safety measures ought to be further to avoid accidents.

Record the findings: All the findings from the evaluations of risks from on top of steps needs to be place in a record and will be handed to the facility head. Mention the recommendations and procedures that has to be followed to stop accidents.

Review the assessment regularly :The report, procedures, and suggestions has to be revised on a daily basis by the faculty head. Follow up of the study ought to be done if needed.

Illumination Study Flow Chart

Input Needed

  • Lighting Layout of the facility.
  • Standards to be followed.
  • Measuring the average illumination throughout the area using measuring instruments.
  • Input assortment like Shadows.
  • Suffer from eye strain.

Team/Expert Detail

Lead Electrical engineer

Senior Electrical engineer/Job engineer


Performance metrics and necessary data.

Data Collection and Analysis.

Recommendation based on Analysis and Input Data.

Software, Standards And Equipment

Bureau of Indian Standards, OISD are used and Software used is DIALux

For measurements, Illuminance measuring Instruments are used.

Illumination Study

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