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Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

HRA is the primary method for identifying and classifying the occupational health risk and its level of risk to the human in working environment. The potential of hazards can be controlled / prevented by providing the recommendations through the process of study to ensure the safe working environment. The HRA study will take the possible control measures to assess the hazards and recommendations for further reduction of hazards.

Significance of HRA study:

Health risk assessment process concerned with identifying the hazards and effects associated with an activity or facility and evaluating the risk posed, with a view to eliminating or reducing the risk to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP). HRA study shall include the health identification inventory, risk prioritization summary and control measures. The list of specific work procedures and other procedures shall be a part of risk assessment study to address the HSE hazards. The potential emergency scenarios shall be identified and the procedures to respond in the situation shall be included in the study.

Inputs Required:

  • Process plant details
  • MSDS of the chemicals handling at workplace
  • Client guidelines for risk assessment
  • Client health assessment policy
  • Details of number of employees exposed / present in required location
  • Site meteorology details
  • Drawings and documents related to the particular location.

Approach & Methodology of study:

The health risk assessment is based on the four principles

Risk Assessment Matrix

Risk Assessment matrix which standardizes evaluation of risk in terms of the likelihood or probability of an event with consequences of a specified severity occurring. It helps to understand the significance of risk and also to prioritize activities and allocate resources. The matrix can be applied in a number of ways including incident investigation, classification of audit findings and deciding the extent of analysis and level of controls of workspace potential hazards.

Strategies for HRA Study in Oil & Gas / Petrochemical / Other Industries

  • Nature of hazard to health
  • Degree of exposure
  • Potential health risk to an employee

  • Measures and procedures to control any accidental release of the chemical as a result of leakage, spillage or process equipment failure
  • Employee exposure monitoring program
  • Health surveillance program for employee
  • Measures to control exposure of an employee to chemicals
  • Employee exposure monitoring program
  • Methods and procedures for handling and care of chemicals
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