HAZOP,QRA & ERDMP Study as per PNGRB Regulations 2020 at Cauvery Basin Refinery (CBR), Nagapattinam for CPCL

CPCL –CBR, Nagapattinam has awarded the contract of Emergency Response and Disaster Management Planning to iFluids Engineering. CPCL-CBR unit is located in Panangudi village sprawling in an area of about 240 hectares. The Facility is encompassed by Panangudi and Gopurajapuram villages in the North, Panangudi Village in the East, Muttam and Uthamacholapuram villages in the South, Narimanam and Gopurajapuram villages in the West.

CPCL – CBR (OM&S) is a Facility that aids in storage of Crude oil. The operational procedure involves receiving of Crude oil, through a dedicated pipeline from Narimanam, where the Crude Oil is stored in the atmospheric tanks and pumped through pipeline to Port. Crude is received from ONGC and stored in CPCL Storage tanks. Once in 45 days the stored crude is sent to CPCL Manali, Chennai through ships from Karaikkal Port to Chennai Port on stock transfer basis. The distance between CPCL and Karaikkal port is 10 Km. (approx.).There is no manufacturing or blending process involved in OM&S unit as it serves only as an Intermediate storage unit.

The Scope and objective is to develop an Emergency Response & Disaster Management Plan in line with PNGRB guidelines.

The main objective of this ERDMP is to identify emergencies that occur during normal operation of CPCL Cauvery Basin Refinery, Nagapattinam and recommend mitigation measures to reduce and eliminate the risks related to a disaster, develop action plans when disaster or emergencies occur and being diligent enough to mobilize the necessary emergency services including responders (First level, Second level and third level) like Fire service, Police service, Medical service including ambulance, Government as well as Non-Governmental agencies. This also includes post disaster recovery measures to normalize the affected area.