HAZOP Study of GAIL Vijaipur Plant including Gas Processing, Gas Transmission & LPG transmission facilities & their interconnections (LPG/ C2C3 Mode processing) with applicable OISD Standards

GAIL (India) Limited, Vijaipur is one of the most strategic locations for GAIL, being centrally located for the business of Gas transmission, processing and marketing of Liquid Hydrocarbons.

The facilities inside the GAIL Vijaipur plant complex include:

  • Gas sweetening unit (GSU)
  • Heat recovery steam generation unit (HRSG)
  • Gas processing units (GPU) named as LPG Train 11 & 12
  • Integrated Offsite Plants & Storage (IOP&S) / C2-C3 Offsites
  • Compressor Station (CS)

Conducted HAZOP study at GAIL Vijaipur  Gas Processing, Gas Transmission & LPG transmission facilities  & their interconnections in accordance with applicable OISD and other relevant statutes as part of Process Hazard Analysis (PHA).

The main objective of the HAZOP study is to manage project risk through early identification of potential hazards & operability problems and reduce the probability & consequences of an incident that would have a detrimental impact on living, assets and the environment.

The Objectives of HAZOP are as follows:

  1. Identify the hazards inherent to the facility/process.
  2. To segregate various process into separate nodes and thorough analysis is carried out by using the Guide Words (No, Less, More, Reverse for parameters like Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Level, Concentration) for each section.
  3. To identify all possible deviations from the way the design is expected to operate.
  4. Identify the credible manual or equipment instrument failures (cause for the deviations) likely to lead to consequence associated with it (accident scenarios/hazards/operability problems).
  5. Qualitatively assess the risk and provide recommendations to prevent or overcome the hazards if required.
  6. In addition to these issues, HAZOP occasionally identifies items that could improve unit operations and the efficiency of the process.