HAZOP Study for Drum Charging System for Asian Paints Limited, Visakhapatnam

The purpose of HAZOP study is to satisfy the safety gaps and risk factors of process plant into tolerable level.

Asian Paints Limited entrusts iFluids Engineering to carry out HAZOP study for the transfer of Hazardous chemical to Pre-Emulsion Tank. Transfer of chemicals takes place in batch operation by suction AODD pumps from barrels to Day tank, where the chemical is weighed by means of load cell and is discharged to Pre-Emulsion Tank through discharge AODD pump.

HAZOP is known for the ability to identify, analyze and assess the hazards together with methods to manage the hazard existence in the process facilities. HAZOP is a qualitative study to recognize the potential hazards and operating difficulties of process in a plant operation. The HAZOP study is to sort out the safety gaps in the process plants by a brainstorming session which causes harm to the PEAR (People, Environment, Assets, and Reputation).

An effective HAZOP assessment can only be accomplished by a group of multi-disciplinary experts who comes together and discuss the likely hazards available in the plant operation. Usually, this assessment focuses more on the process of the plant itself. The process flow is divided into few sections identified as nodes and thorough analysis is carried out by using the Guide Words (No, Less, More, Reverse for parameters like Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Level, Concentration) for each section, to study the possibility of the deviations happening in each of the nodes and identify the consequences of the risk, safeguarding the risk and providing appropriate recommendations in order to minimize the risk.