HAZard & OPerability Study (HAZOP)& Quantitative Risk Assessment(QRA) Of Compressor Station, Dibiyapur & Pipeline jurisdiction Under Dibiyapur Region

The study intends to conduct HAZOP study of GAIL (India) Limited-Dibiyapur compressor station & pipeline jurisdiction

The Hazard & Operability Study shall be carried out for the following facilities:

1.1 Dibiyapur Compressor Station & its associated Natural Gas pipelines & installations of 30” Auraiya Vijaipur pipeline , 24” Auraiya-Babrala –Shivali Pipeline , 18” Auraiya Jagdishpur & Thulendi- Phulpur pipeline & associated spur line along the main pipeline as per enclosed pipeline details (annexure -I & II). The scope of the study shall be:

  1. To study of existing processes through approximate 20 P&IDs/ PFDs but the same may increase /decrease as per the requirement.
  2. To identify the potential process hazards.
  3. To study of existing procedures and system for controlling hazards & risk ranking.
  4. Recommend measures for mitigation of the potential hazards