HAZard OPerability & Quantitative Risk Assessment Study For BPCL Gooty Petroleum Depot

 BPCLs Gooty Petroleum terminal has extended the facility of Road loading of Diesel to further areas. Also, HSD will now be blended with Bio-Diesel to decrease the emission levels.

For these new introduction, HAZOP study and QRA study were to be performed.

HAZOP is carried for newly introduced facility to brainstorm and see if there is any missing action which should have been thought of at the first place. This was done based the data and communication received form client during the site visit. HAZOP was performed at iFluids end and the work was shared with client.

QRA was carried out and most of the data related to operating parameters were collected during the site visit. Other data were collected from the P&IDs and Layout. Input sheet was prepared and scenarios were modelled. Recommended actions were suggested based on study output.

Major struggle here was to collect the data client has promised to provide post visit via mail but was not able to due to some discrepancies. Now here, since communication happens over mail, the time required to collect the data and provide the same increased which in turn delays the further proceedings for the study.