HAZard OPerability (HAZOP) & Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) Study For BKPL Network And Associated Barauni, Patna, Mughalsarai and Lucknow Stations Of BPCL

BPCL is having a cross country petroleum product pipeline starting and Barauni Refinery and extending up-to Lucknow; including Patna, Mughalsarai, Kanpur, Allahabad and Lucknow.

Scope was to perform QRA and HAZOP study for the cross-country hydrocarbon pipeline; along with Pumping /Receiving stations. For the task to be completed, a site visit to various facilities throughout the network was done for data collection. Once on-site data collection was complete, further proceedings for the study was made for acquiring other study related data.

Pipelines are common for all the products with some interface in between; Isolatable sections were identified on this basis, modelling for consequence analysis and risk analysis was done for each facility as well as the pipeline. In addition to this, a gap analysis was performed to check the inter-distance compliance with OISD standards, based on the distances noted during the site visit.

For HAZOP study, Node identification was performed following a brainstorming discussion to identify potential hazards and safeguards for its mitigation was done. After the team was able to identify all the potential causes, consequences and safeguards, necessary recommendations were made on the basis of the findings by the team.

Barauni Pumping Station