HAZard OPerability(HAZOP) & Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)of CNG Stations

GAIL Gas Limited, a leading City Gas Distribution Company, is poised to accelerate City Gas Distribution business in focused manner in various cities across the nation. Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Maharatna GAIL (India) Limited and was incorporated in May 2008 for the smooth implementation of City Gas Distribution (CGD) projects. GAIL Gas Limited is a limited company under the Companies Act, 1956.

The company has an extensive network of CNG stations in the Bengaluru region. The stations include mother station, online stations, daughter booster stations, and daughter stations. The objective of the project was to conduct the QRA and HAZOP study for each installation.

All the installations were considered individually and the additional risk control measures were recommended for each respectively as per the QRA and HAZOP study.