HAZard & OPerability (HAZOP)study & Safety Integrity Level (SIL)study for Indresidh demonstration Plant

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Ltd has been awarded to carryout the HAZard & OPerability study & Safety Integrity Level study for Indresidh demonstration Plant.

The scope of the study is to carry out the HAZard and Operability study and Safety Integrity Level study for the below mentioned objective.

The objective of indResidH Demo Plant is to convert Vacuum Resid (VR) to middle distillates meeting the Euro- VI/ BS-VI specifications through hydro processing route. The Demo plant is designed to process 850 kg/hr Vacuum Resid (VR) as fresh feed. The Demo Plant will generate kinetic and hydrodynamic data relevant for scaling up of the process to commercial scale. The Demo Plant will also be used for performance evaluation/demonstration of hydro-processing catalyst system and reactor internals.

The plant is divided into 7 main sections:

  • Section 100     :      Storage & Catalyst Preparation Section
  • Section 200     :      Hydrogen Feed & Slurry Hydrocracker Section
  • Section 300     :      Vacuum Distillation Unit
  • Section 500     :      Hydrocracking & Hydrotreating Reactor Section
  • Section 600     :      Separation & Gas Cleaning Section
  • Section 700     :      Naphtha Stripping Section
  • Section 800     :      Atmospheric Distillation Unit & Slop Vessels

The plant is operated in the following modes:

  • Slurry Mode                  :      Vacuum Residue as Feed
  • Hydrocracking Mode   :      VGO as Feed
  • Hydrotreating Mode     :      Diesel as Feed