HAZard and OPerability (HAZOP) study IOCL Bijwasan ATF Pipeline

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has an Independent 16“ATF Pipeline between Bijwasan and DAFFPL shed at (DIAL- T3 Airport) in delhi. The Jurisdiction is starting at IOCL-Bijwasan pumping station from three mainline pumping units (ATF-MP-4/5/6) and received in the DAFFPL shed through the separation filter at the shed.

HAZOP studies, which analyze the safety implications of design and operation proposals, are not exclusive to nuclear projects but widely used in any industry where safety is a particular concern by concentrating primarily on radiological hazards. The HAZOP consultants looks at each section of a plant or system or operation, considers possible hazards from intended operation and analyses their consequences against any existing safeguards.

HAZOP is a technique, where contribution based on the collective experience and lessons learnt from their past.

HAZOP for a facility or modification serves many purposes including

  • Identification of the hazards inherent to the proposal.
  • Identification of the credible human and/or equipment instrument failures likely to lead to accident scenarios/Operability Problems.
  • Qualitative assessment of the risk and provide recommendations to overcome the hazards if required.
  •  In addition to these issues, HAZOP identifies things which could improve unit operations and efficiency