HAZard and OPerability (HAZOP) Study For Vapour Recovery Unit And Chiller Unit Of Nayara Rail Fed Depot, Pali

Nayara Energy Limited is a privately-held downstream oil company based in Mumbai, India, that encompasses refining, marketing, production and a network of over 6,000+ retail fuel outlets in India. The Nayara Rail Fed Depot has an existing Vapour Recovery unit and Chiller Unit facility in Pali, Rajasthan. iFluids’s team of experts has been entrusted in carrying out the revalidation HAZOP on the Chiller and Vapor Recovery unit at the facility.

During the HAZOP study, our Subject Matter Experts, break down each section of the plant or system or operation into Nodes, and considers every possible hazard that could arise from the intended operation and analyse their consequences against any existing safeguards.

The HAZOP Workshop relies on the contribution from the HAZOP Team which consists of key personnel across each discipline involved in the system, based on their collective experience and lessons learnt from their past.

HAZOP for an existing facility or modification serves many purposes including

  • Identification of the hazards inherent to the proposal.
  • Identification of the credible human and/or equipment instrument failures likely to steer to accident scenarios/Operability Problems.
  • Assessment of the risk qualitatively and provide recommendations to overcome the hazards if required.
  •  In addition to those issues, HAZOP identifies things which could improve unit operations and efficiency

The HAZOP Study then documents the key findings in a structured format and recommendations provided are taken into action by the relevant team personnel.