Petrocil Engineers and Consultants FZ LLC has awarded iFluids Engineering to conduct a DYNAMIC SIMULATION FLOW ASSURANCE STUDY OF NK JURASSIC FIELD DEPLETION GATHERING SYSTEM. Petrocil is a Professionally Managed Multi-Dimensional Engineering Consultancy With Capabilities in Process, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Corrosion, Etc. They Perform Feasibility Studies,Front End Engineering And Design, Process Simulation Studies, Detailed Engineering, Etc

Flow Assurance Study

Flow assurance study involves an economical approach to supply and transport fluids from the reservoir to a processing facility. During production and transportation of crude oil, fluid properties and operating conditions must be monitored.

Flow Assurance Study Methodology

  • Input Data Reviewing
  • Preparation of Assumption of Register and Basis of Study.
  • PVT Analysis.
    An assessment of the fluid composition will be undertaken using MultiFlash software
  • OLGA model preparation for the proposed Gathering Network.
    Development of OLGA simulation model including heat transfer mode for Gathering Network and conducting Flow assurance Study of Gathering system.
  • Flow Assurance analysis for the proposed Gathering system
    • Steady state hydraulic study will be performed to fix/verify flowline / trunkline sizes
    • Dynamic simulation for Optimized PLG Network system for the following scenarios will be performed (approx. 10 cases).
    • Hydrate formation risk analysis during normal and transient operations
    • Corrosion & Hydrate inhibitor injection requirements, including location and quantification of amounts.
    • Perform Scale Inhibitor tracking
    • Pipe line diameter optimization & pressure drop estimates for all the network models
    • Determine the Choke valve downstream details i.e. Pressure, Temperature, flow and composition by back calculation from Facility end.
    • Slug volume estimation based on analysis
    • Surge analysis & finalization of set pressures for process trips and process shut downs associated with the network.
    • Providing parameters related to Facility inlet fluid composition (mixed composition), Total flow rate (Gas + Oil+ water) & Operating pressure & Temperature.

Software used

The software used shall be OLGA /Multiflash /OLI Studio

Completion Period

The Completion Period for the study and finalization of the report shall be 14 Weeks


  • Assumption Register and Basis of Study
  • Flow Assurance Study Report (Steady state and Transient).