Fire Water Hydraulic Analysis and adequacy study of fire protection facilities at Mathura Refinery of IOCL

The purpose of this study is to check the adequacy of existing fire water network, fire water storage and Pumps of Mathura Refinery inclusive of MJPL and SMPL located in the Refinery premises.

The study will be inclusive of the followings:

  • Calculate fire water requirements at various process units and storage tanks and Hydraulic analysis of existing fire water network considering different combinations of the fire scenarios as per OISD-116 requirement.
  • To check the pipe size of existing fire water network with the limiting velocity of 5 m/sec in the hydraulic analysis and recommendations for the modification in the form of drawing, if any, to be given.
  • To check adequacy of FW line header for feed requirement to HVLRM/ROHVLRM as per their capacity i.e., 1000/2000 GPM or 2000/4000 GPM or more capacity installed in tank farm areas and process units, recommendations for the modification, if any, to be given.
  • To check the adequacy of installed HVLRs i.e whether installed or/and are in the process of installation (through e-MOC at MR) are sufficient for firefighting and in case not found sufficient then provide recommendations for the same.
  • To check the existing fire water pumping capacity and recommendations for the modification, if any, to be given.
  • To check the existing fire water storage capacity and recommendations for additional storage tanks, if required.
  • To check the existing mobile/fixed foam cum water monitors adequacy and recommend the required modifications, if any.
  • To carry out network analysis of FW ring and identify locations /areas having turbulence/stagnation and causing deterioration of lines and provide solution.
  • Study pressure gauges in FW network and recommend additional PG so as to meet OISD-116 standard
  • OISD-116 Gap analysis to be studied and FW shall be maintained at 7 kg/cm2 pressure at the hydraulically remotest point of application at the design flow rate at that point.
  • Study flushing points and check their adequacy and recommend additional numbers, if so.
  • Generation of the hydraulic / flow summary indicating flow & pressure/pressure profiles in the lines.
  • Generation of process datasheet for recommended equipment such as Pumps/Tanks / Hydrants / Monitors / Sprinklers / Fire water header etc.
  • Water demand for the process unit and tank farm area worked out should be based on the latest OISD Std -116.

Fire water adequacy calculation

To provide the results of the fire water hydraulic analysis in compliance to OISD 116 that was performed for adequacy check of the fire water system, which includes fire water pumps capacity, fire water ring main and headers size, sprinklers, hydrant, monitor’s etc. Also identifies the changes required in the fire water system to achieve compliance to applicable latest statutory code i.e., OISD 116.