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Fire Risk Assessment


Fire Risk Assessment Is a Systematic Assessment and Critical Evaluation of the Premise as well as the Activities Executed in the premise to determine the likelihood of Fire Accidents, Fire Causing Harm to People and the premises.  

The objectives of FRA are as follows:

  1. To identify fire hazards and people at risk.
  2. Remove or reduce the hazards to as low as is reasonably practicable.
  3. Recommend suitable risk reduction measures to mitigate the risks and hazards. 
  4.  To determine what fire safety measures and management policies are required to improve the safety of the facility.


  1. Identification of Hazards
  2. Identification of People at Risk
  3. Removal/Reduction of Hazards
  4. Assignment of Risk Category
  5. Adequacy or Improvement of Fire Precautions
  6. Recording Findings-
Fire Risk Assessment flow

Software and standards

The Software tool used for the FRA study is PHAST RISK.

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