Fire risk assessment and fire water adequacy calculation For IFFCO Paradeep Unit , Odisha

The Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative Limited (IFFCO) was registered as a Multi-Unit Co-Operative Society, under the Co-Operative Societies act on 3rd November, 1967, IFFCO a Pioneer in Co-Operative sector has been making a steady progress in the field of Fertilizer production, Marketing and rendering services to the farming community.

IFFCO Paradeep Unit has an installed annual capacity of 19.2 lakhs MT of complex Phosphatic fertilizer.

Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-Operative Limited (IFFCO) has awarded iFluids Engineering to carry out Fire Risk Assessment study for the IFFCO Plant.

Conducting a systematic and critical appraisal of all potential Fire hazards involving Personnel, Premises & classification of buildings of IFFCO, Paradeep Unit based on occupancy and classification of occupancies into different degree of hazard as per NBC 2016 part-4, Annex-B (clause 3.1.8) / NFPA life safety code 101.

  • Fire Water adequacy calculation done on the basis of NFPA standard & the minimum requirement of water as per the TAC & Odisha factories rules 1950 rule no. 61 (16) should also be covered.
  • To study the adequacy of the existing Pipe routing, Hydrants and Monitors layout, riser size, Sprinkler system header lines etc. Recommendation for any changes in line with NFPA/ TAC requirements to be furnished
  • To carry out basic Pipe sizing of Firewater network, preliminary layouts for the proposed modifications with the existing system.
  • Determining the adequacy of fixed Firefighting system that includes Fire water reservoir, replenishment arrangement, Fire Water supply arrangement, Firefighting Pumps, Fire Hydrants, water/foam Monitors etc.
  • Review and assessment of Fire Detection and Alarm (FDA) system with respect to IS 2189 and NFPA 72.
  • Review of selection and installation of Detectors with respect to nature of area, ventilation system, beam depth, obstructions, etc.
  • Checking the availability and adequacy of Backup power supply to FDA panel and other electrically operated emergency equipments.
  • Review of integration of Fire Alarm Systems within building and life safety systems.
  • Adequacy and deployment of Portable and First Aid Fire Fighting measures.
  • Validation of Fire-Fighting systems equipment selection and present fitness condition to meet the statutory and Plant requirements.
  • Review and assessment of Fire protection system installation, Fire Pump selection and Reservoir adequacy.
  • Evaluate the location of Fire Pump house and water storage tank to meet the Statute and Standard requirements
  • Assessment of Passive Fire protection measures such as Fire proofing, Fire dampers etc.
  • Assess the requirement of Gas suppression system based on Fire risk and criticality of the equipments  / operations as per relevant standard.
  • Inspection of records pertaining to periodical inspection, testing & maintenance of all existing Fire protection & detection arrangements.
  • To provide Fire Pump room arrangement Drawings and Fire water network Drawings.

Fire Risk Assessment

The main Objective of this study is to identify Fire hazards and assess the availability of Fire Protections System in line with Standards.

Fire water adequacy calculation

To provide the results of Firewater Hydraulic analysis in compliance to TAC, NFPA & Odisha Factory rule 1950 that was performed for Firewater system adequacy check that includes Firewater Pump capacity, Header size, Sprinklers, Hydrant, Monitor etc. Also, to identify the changes required in Fire Water System to achieve compliance to applicable latest statutory code i.e., Odisha Factory rule 1950, NFPA, IS, TAC.