Fire & Gas Mapping Study

Ahmednagar Depot is a marketing Depot at Ahmednagar by M/S Indian Oil Corporation Limited. This marketing terminal consists of different product tanks such as MS, HSD, SKO, ATF, Biodiesel and Ethanol. Ahmednagar Depot receives products in pipeline and Loading the products to Tanker truck in Bays.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited has planned to provide Hydrocarbon Vapour detection for Class A product Tank farm and handling areas in Ahmednagar Depot, Maharashtra. This terminal consists of Tank farms, pumps and its associated pipelines.

F&G mapping study is carried out to support in decision making process for locating the number of Gas and flame detectors in the facilities. The F&G detection systems are provided on installations for prior identification of the risk from the accidental toxic and flammable gas release. The risk from flammable or toxic gas releases or fires are often reduced by early detection and subsequent mitigating actions

The scope of work includes following activities for Fire and Gas Mapping study for Ahmednagar Depot.

  • Class A product handling areas in the Ahmednagar Depot is covered for the Fire and Gas Mapping Study.
  • The dispersion pattern from the software (Phast8.22) was analysed to identify the location and mounting height of the detectors. Further, an overall Gas detection layout plan was provided using the 3D modelling software for the dispersion study.
  • The F&G Study suggests the location, type and number of detectors that needs to be installed across various areas.

According to standards areas near all potential leak source of Class A products shall be provided with Hydrocarbon detectors. Hence Class A (Operating temperature above its flash point) products were considered for the study.