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Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) assists in the computation of the complex physical models in almost all engineering field. Consequently, it enable engineers to optimize the product designs and develop better product in a faster way.

It is very important to comprehensively understand and quantify any physical phenomena before applying FEA. Our team have the experience as well as the expertise in performing the FEA for systems such as pumps, heat-exchangers, cooling towers, pipeline etc. Moreover, we also provide services for static and dynamic systems. We understand the importance of mesh selection in FEA in order to achieve convergence. Hence, smart techniques are used in solving the model to get the result.

Details required to perform the FEA vary with the type of industry sector and the type of analysis to be performed. However following minimum details are required to perform it 

  1. Operating and Environmental conditions
  2. Geometry details


  1. ANSYS    
  2. SolidWorks          
  3. Autodesk 
  4. COMSOL Multiphysics

After the simulation, the crucial part is to extract useful interpretation and answer the problem at hand. Therefore, based on the deliverables requirement, our expert engineers will support with various case studies and recommend the best solution for the problem. Stress analysis, Vibration analysis, Temperature distribution etc. are few analysis which we have performed and delivered in the past.


  1. FEA analysis report
  2. Technical assistance

Major Milestones:


Qatar Petroleum

Client Location

Doha, Qatar


Mitigation of Piping Vibration and Noise in RG Plant


NRP Projects

Client Location

Chennai, India


Pipe Stress Analysis

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