F&G Detection Mapping Study at Shahdol-Phulpur Gas Pipeline (SHPPL) Compressor Station

The Shahdol – Phulpur pipeline (SHPPL) system comprises of a 16”, 302 km (approx.) long trunk pipeline between Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh and Phulpur, Uttar Pradesh along with associated facilities such as:- 

  • Compressor station at Shahdol
  • Metering & regulating station at Phulpur
  • 12 nos. Mainline valve stations (en route) with provision for tap-off to future Customers

Reliance Gas Pipelines Limited has planned to install Gas leak detection system along with new Voting logic in Compressor Stations at Shahdol-Phulphur Gas Pipelines. Reliance Gas Pipelines Limited has entrusted iFluids Engineering to carry out the Fire and Gas Mapping Study for the Compressor Station CS at Shahdol-Phulphur Gas Pipelines.

The scope of work includes following activities:

•  Hydrocarbon product handling areas such as Pig Launcher / Receiver, Station Inlet Filter Separator, Gas Compressor Package, Station discharge Cooler, Station discharge scrubber and its associated pipelines is covered for the Fire and Gas Mapping Study.

The objectives of the F & G Mapping study are

  • Finding all the potential hazards and dangers that will lead to flammable gas release or ignition.
  • Characterization of the likely gas release by modelling the physical effect and consequently quantifying the extent of hazardous scenario on the project facilities
  • Review of the existing detectors in line with the defined performance target
  • Proposal of Feasible fire and gas detection arrangements.
  • Proposal of new voting logic for Compressor Station trip logic configuration from present 1oo1 to NooN voting.

The Study Methodology was carried as below

  • Hazardous Area Identification
  • Hazardous Area Characterization
  • Risk Volume Definition
  • Determination of characteristic cloud for detection
  • Detect 3D Modelling
  • Coverage Mapping
  • Optimization