Extraction of the DXF plates, MTO, Preparation of Shop drawing and As-Built drawing based on the Tekla Model

In a joint venture with Renaissance, a Turkish oil and gas services company, Saipem has been awarded an onshore engineering and construction project to build three liquefaction trains with a 6.6 million tons per annum capacity each. The three production trains will be installed on concrete gravity-based structures (GBS) as well as LNG storage facilities totaling 687,000-cbm.

M/s Bellelli Engineering Impianti SrL (Bellelli) has received the sub-contract from EPC contractor to fabricate around 2000 tonnage of Structural works in 30-meter-high concrete gravity-based structures construction. In part of the Sub-Contract preparation of Shop drawing and DXF plate drawing with MTO from the existing developed Global Structure. M/s Bellelli has approached M/s iFluids Engineering for detailed structural drawing extraction from Tekla model.

Scope of Work:

  • Conversion of Tekla model from Russian Standards to European Standard for some cases.
  • MTO preparation as per Clients Specification.
  • Submission of Shop drawing in English Language.
  • Submission of As- Built Drawing with annotations in both English and Russian Languages.

Execution Methodology:

  • Review of Updated 3D- Tekla model and GA drawing
  • Review of Weld, Connection Schedule and Structural Material Specifications
  • Review of the existing Global structure with Pipe clash and other clash checking
  • Conversion of the 3D model environment from Russian to English
  • Conversion of the 3D model structural profile from Russian to equivalent English
  • Convert and place the drawing template as per project specification
  • Profile conversion and perform the suitable changes in stiffener and base plate dimensions
  • Finalizing the Tekla model without any clash other deficiencies
  • Extraction of DXF plate drawing for Shop cutting and execution
  • Extraction of Secondary structural fabrication drawing (Secondary Structures, Lifting Lug, Bracings, Anchor Bolt and Base plates) along with Connection details
  • Re-Validate and confirm the Connection details availability for Shop person information
  • Prepare and Submission of Bar bending and Welding Schedule
  • Extraction of detailed Material Take off
  • Receive and check the redline markups on the submitted final execution drawings
  • Update the 3D Tekla model as per red-line markup
  • Extraction of As-Built drawing in both English and Russian annotations
  • Submission of Final Tekla 3D model


  • DXF Plate drawing
  • Detailed Shop/ fabrication drawing
  • Welding and Bar Bending Schedule
  • Detailed Material Take off
  • As – Built drawing in both English and Russian Annotations