Every assignment is a challenge, however they can be overcome with due diligence, believe us

As usual on short notice, I had to proceed to Imphal, capital of Manipur one among the Northern States. I was asked to do a HAZOP for airport terminal ATF fuel Depot. Subject assignment was supposed to be wrapped up within two days which also included HAZOP for a Fuel Storage Depot at Malom just near Imphal.

It was a different experience because after landing at the airport with a beautiful aerial scenery as an arrival passenger, I came back to the same airport for Safety audit the next day. Having passed through so many airports over a number of years, there was actually no more charm left as far as crisscrossing through the premises. Yet, this time I had a different agenda specific to the airport itself and so became curious to proceed with job scope.

Within few minutes of commencing the discussions, the stark situation opened up once again. Piping & Instruments Drawing (P&ID) was a complete mess. Did I tell you earlier that P&ID is the most important document for any process safety person? (They are our eyes and ears in our profession to visualize the plant and for conducting any HAZOP). If there are no drawings with proper inputs and line data, it is as good as the story of 5 blind persons trying to figure out the dimensions of an elephant. You know it!

I felt justice cannot be done if I had to depend on the drawing but having come this far, I insisted to the Client that I will do the HAZOP at site based on what I can see visually at ground. Client obliged as there was no other alternate option.

After wearing all PPE, went inside the facilities with the Client and his colleagues. Within few hours job was completed. Subsequent discussions were held at Manager’s office and recommendations were agreed upon. What would have been the first recommendation, can you guess?

“Update all documents in particular the P&ID as top priority and capture the details as per site in as built status.”

Then only other issues of concern were addressed.

Moral of the story is without proper documentations in hand, we cannot professionally meet the demands of the Client. But if you have the will and intention to deliver, there can always be some out of the box solutions which can be worked out with Client’s concurrence.

The Client was so pleased with our initiative and commitment, he had recommended to many other sources and several more orders were subsequently executed by iFluids in North East Region which was really a pleasant surprise.