Feasibility studies

We conduct extensive Conceptual/Feasibility study for evaluating market opportunities and validating technical & economic feasibility of the proposed designs based on our experience and insight on the industry and its changing trends. Ultimately, we generate a Feasibility Study report that explains the final outcome to the client and aids in taking subsequent decisions with respect to the project.


We transform the conceptual/feasibility study of the project into comprehensive engineering design, satisfying client’s requirements and conforming to the applicable rules & regulations. This design can be translated into Basic Engineering Design which will cover the engineering deliverables required for defining the design basics or into detailed Front End Engineering Design (FEED). Our FEED procedure includes

  • Validating basic engineering
  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams and Process Flow Diagrams
  • Heat Exchangers preliminary thermal design
  • Flare load and utility summaries
  • Static and Rotating equipment datasheets
  • General arrangement followed by Detailed Plot Plan
  • Instrumentation & Safety devices datasheets
  • Control & Shutdown Philosophy, Operation & Maintenance Philosophy, Fire & Gas Philosophy, etc.
  • Preliminary sizing of cables, transformers, DC system, motor control schematics, diesel generators, bus duct, earthing conductors, UPS, etc.
  • Preparation of load schedule, lighting schedule, earthing schedule etc.
  • Classification of Hazardous Area, layout drawing of equipment,etc.
  • Illumination engineering
  • Ergonomics survey Estimation of indoor and outdoor Light fixtures
  • Civil & Structural Layouts Quantity Surveying

Basic Engineering

Our services consist of Piping And Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), core documentation of projects, conceptual equipment layout, heat & mass balances, basic equipment sizing, control & operational philosophy, process flow diagrams, equipment specifications, etc.,

  • Validating the Conceptual Design
  • Preliminary Process Flow Diagrams and Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Equipment Sizing along with process specifications
  • Defining the layers of protection including safety and control device
  • Electrical Load and Preliminary Utility Summaries
  • Preliminary Plot Plan

Detailed Engineering

Our Detailed Engineering Design will be the bridge between FEED and the construction phase of a project. Our engineers & designers are completely capable of delivering Detailed Engineering Design defining all details necessary for construction. We come up with optimal design to ensure maximum construction, operational and maintenance convenience with the use of latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools and adhering to relevant standards, specifications, procedures & regulations.

Pre-Bid engineering

The Prebid Engineering package of iFluids Engineering will cover the following:

  • Preliminary concept and design
  • Review of basic enquiry drawings and documents
  • Data collection from the client’s site
  • Estimating engineering efforts
  • Evaluation of the project
  • Provide suggestions and evaluate alternate methods
  • Conceive proposed pipe routing
  • Prepare conceptual design sketches
  • Estimate Bill of Quantities
  • Utilize and maximize existing equipment and materials

Multi-Disciplinary Engineering

We offer services in the following Engineering disciplines

  • Process Engineering
  • Loss Prevention & Life Safety Engineering
  • Mechanical (Static & Rotary) Engineering
  • Piping and Pipeline Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Civil/Structural Engineering

Cyber Security

We offer a holistic Cyber Security service that is secure, vigilant, and resilient. We help in not only mitigating the cyber risks of most vulnerable operations but also ensure safety to people, availability of operations and creation of new value, thus enabling all operational imperatives of Oil and Gas sectors.