Engineering Design and Consulting

We are a fast growing Start-up with hundreds of successfully completed projects within a short span of 7 years, well known for our highly commendable services in the field of Engineering design and Consulting. We provide our customers with a holistic satisfaction for our receptiveness and compliance to reach engineer personnel of any hierarchy effortlessly which is too ambiguous with any other business adversary.

Our services expand from minor niche single discipline tasks to Million dollar comprehensive designs and design/build involving a multitude of inter disciplinary engineering teams. We serve our clients on various retro-fit, new and challenging projects.

Our Team boasts of highly qualified professionals with expertise over 25 years in the industry. We aim to provide the most competitive price in the industry leading to budget friendly projects for clients. Our Young, passionate and dedicated engineers form the nucleus for efficient and safe handling of projects with guaranteef on-schedule hand over.

Conceptual/Feasibility studies

We review the scope and analyze the technical specifications of the project and provide a report which is technical, economic, legal and schedule feasible, with regard to the changing trends and currently active specifications in the industry. It progresses through distinct activities through multiple engineering and project management disciplines. This report helps to ascertain the probability of successful completion of the project and acts as a primary basis for Front End Engineering Design (FEED).

Basic Engineering

Our professionals with broad experience and technical expertise prepare the following deliverables with ease and accuracy. This design can be translated into FEED which will cover the engineering deliverables required for defining the design basics.

  • Validation of Conceptual design
  • Preliminary Process Flow Diagrams
  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Equipment Sizing along with process specifications
  • Detailed layouts
  • Defining the layers of protection with safety and control device
  • Electrical Load and Preliminary Utility Summaries
  • Preliminary Plot Plan
  • Process safety


We transform the conceptual/feasibility study of the project into comprehensive engineering design, to client’s requirements and in compliance to statutory regulations. The FEED design focuses the technical requirements as well as rough investment cost for the project. Our FEED procedure includes

  • Validating basic engineering
  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams and Process Flow Diagrams
  • Heat Exchangers preliminary thermal design
  • Flare load and utility summaries
  • Static and Rotating equipment datasheets
  • General arrangement followed by Detailed Plot Plan
  • Instrumentation & Safety devices datasheets
  • Preliminary sizing of cables, transformers, DC system, motor control schematics, diesel generators, bus duct, earthing conductors, UPS, etc.
  • Preparation of load schedule, lighting schedule, earthing schedule etc.
  • Control & Shutdown Philosophy, Operation & Maintenance Philosophy, Fire & Gas Philosophy, etc.
  • Classification of Hazardous Area, layout drawing of equipment, etc.
  • Illumination engineering
  • Ergonomics survey Estimation of indoor and outdoor Light fixtures
  • Civil & Structural Layouts Quantity Surveying
  • Constructability reports

Detail Engineering

This phase of engineering involves all required disciplines of engineering to come together to give their respective deliverables and progress the project towards reality. Now the ideas change into entities.

Detail engineering is the key for any project to be successful in terms of end-user delight and functionality. The following components will be the deliverables based on the nature of the project

  • Design basis report and / or design criteria
  • System and component sizing calculation
  • Technical Specifications for packages and components
  • Technical bid evaluation reports
  • Vendor drawing review
  • Layout and Physical design including
  • Plot Plan
  • Site Grading and leveling
  • Plant and Building general arrangements
  • Civil & Structural foundation and superstructure design
  • Equipment Layouts
  • Hazardous area Layout
  • Pipe support engineering including pipe stress analysis
  • Piping layouts including isometrics and/or piping composites
  • 3D-Modelling of Equipment, civil, structural and piping
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Cable schedule and interconnection /Logic diagrams
  • Power System Studies
  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning activities
  • Reliability run and Performance Guarantee tests
  • As-built drawings

Pre-Bid Engineering

Our services also include rendering assistance for procurement of orders, through bidding assistance, review of RFQ/RFP documents of client and its details. Study, analyze and suggesting technical requirements for submission of the Bid Document. Strategize the cost, BOQ with identification of sources of materials and Estimation of the projects with most value Engineering. Assist to client at all stages in the bidding to facilitate appropriate data/information submission, providing assistance/Technical support during the contract finalization.