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Engineering Consultancy Services for Projects – TT Gantry 4 Bay Extension & 2500KL IFR Tank Construction with Allied Facilities at HPCL, Hassan Terminal

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) - Hassan Terminal was commissioned in 2003 over an area of 102.82 Acres owned by HPCL. The products handled are MS and HSD. Products are received through pipeline from MRPL through PMHBL. It caters to the product requirement of 14 districts of Karnataka.

HPCL has received order from Government of India for commencing 20% ethanol blending with 80% Motor Spirit which is 20% EBP. To meet the 20% ethanol blend requirements, HPCL decided to check the adequacy and augment the ethanol system for 20% ethanol blend with increased storage capacity of ethanol. In order to handle the future growth in throughput of the Terminal, augmentation of TTG by 4 additional bays with bottom loading facility is planned. HPCL awarded the Detailed Engineering contract to iFluids Engineering to implement the augmenting facilities related to 20% EBP.

The existing Infrastructure for handling Ethanol:

  • Terminal has a tankage of 1020 KL in six underground tanks. Two tank farms of 3 tanks each (6 X 180 KL)
  • 4-Bay Ethanol gantry for Ethanol unloading by gravity unloading from trucks
  • Delivery to Loading Gantry is done through submersible pump for each UG tank
  • Pipeline network to Connect Ethanol unloading gantry – Tank farm – TT loading bay gantry

Proposed Ethanol tankage Infrastructure:

  • One No. 17 m Dia. x 12 m Ht. (2500 KL pumpable Qty) IFR Above ground tank with dyke
  • Pumps for Unloading Ethanol to AG tank & UG tanks (Existing)
  • Loading Pumps for delivering to TTG from AG tanks
  • Additional pumps for existing UG tanks for 2400 LPM
  • Pump house
  • Roads around tank farm
  • Fire hydrant network, MEFG, Sprinkler system, FOAM pourer system etc.
  • Drainage system, electrical system, miscellaneous civil works etc.
  • Lube ware house & Engineering Store

Detailed Engineering Activities:


  • Kick off meeting in Client location
  • Data collection of existing facilities and location assessment for proposed facilities
  • Preparation of Material Requisition for Soil Investigation and engage third party for Soil investigation
  • Existing data validation and detailed input requirement list with Client for details
  • Site Permission (Man & Material) requisition for detailed site survey
  • Interdisciplinary Co-ordination meeting for Scope of work clarification and understanding
  • Preparation and Submission of Master Deliverable list for client approval
  • Weekly Progress Meeting and Project Schedule
  • Preparation of Tender document for IFR Tank Construction, Pump House and Piping Construction and 4 Bay Gantry Expansion Construction
  • Technical Query Clarification


  • Process Design Basis and Study Report
  • Study of Distance separation norms as per OISD
  • Hydraulic Study Calculation for Process, Utility and Fire Network Piping
  • Pump Sizing calculation
  • Process Datasheet Ethanol Unloading Pump
  • Process Datasheet TT Ethanol loading Pump for AG tank
  • Process Datasheet TW Ethanol loading Pump for AG tank
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (Tank Truck Ethanol unloading pump, IFR Tank, Tank Truck Ethanol loading pump, Tank Wagon Ethanol loading pump, Tank Truck Loading gantry, Firewater, Foam)
  • Line List
  • Equipment List
  • Fire water demand study
  • Cause and Effect Matrix Diagram


  • Design Calculation IFR Ethanol Tank
  • GA Drawing - Ethanol Storage Tank
  • Detailed fabrication drawing of Annular Plate
  • Detail of Shell Plate Development Layout
  • Detail of Roof Plate Layout
  • Detail of Shell Appurtenance
  • Detail of Fixed Roof Appurtenance
  • Details of Shell & Fixed Roof Nozzle Orientation
  • Details of Floating Roof Elevation
  • Details of Top & Bottom Deck Plan
  • Detail of Bottom Deck Plate Cutting Layout
  • Detail of Top Deck Plate Cutting Layout
  • Detail of Other Part of Floating Roof
  • Detail of Floating Roof Leg Support
  • Detail of Floating Roof Appurtenances
  • Detail of Still Well
  • Detail Of Roof Structure
  • Painting and Coating specification
  • Mechanical Load and Nozzle load Summary
  • Tank – BOQ
  • Construction and Testing Procedure
  • NDT Procedure

Civil & Structural:

  • Design Basis Report
  • Design Calculation for Foundation and Dyke
  • Foundation Drawing for Ethanol IFR Tank
  • Dyke drawing for Ethanol IFR Tank farm
  • Building Plan, Section and Elevation drawings for Lube & Engineering Ware House
  • Roof Structural Calculation for Lube & Engineering Ware House
  • Foundation layout for Lube & Engineering Ware House
  • Plinth beam layout for Lube & Engineering Ware House
  • Lintel beam layout for Lube & Engineering Ware House
  • Roof beam layout for Lube & Engineering Ware House
  • Structural GA drawing for Lube & Engineering Ware House
  • Structural details for Lube & Engineering Ware House
  • BOQ for Lube & Engineering Ware House
  • Demolition Layout - IFR Tank Area
  • Demolition Layout - Ware House Building Area
  • Drain Layout
  • Structural Calculation - Pump house
  • Foundation Calculation for Pump house
  • Foundation GA drawing for Pump house
  • Structural GA Drawing - Pump House
  • Typical Road & Paving Cross Section
  • Road Layout - IFR Tank farm area
  • Road Layout - Warehouse and TT Gantry 4 Bay Extension Area
  • Structural Calculation - TT Gantry Roof Structure
  • Plan Section and Elevation Drawing - TT Gantry
  • Foundation calculation for TT Gantry
  • Foundation Drawing - TT Gantry
  • Structural GA Drawing - TT Gantry
  • Fabrication Drawings - TT Gantry
  • Oily water drain and Storm water drain Layout Update
  • Bending and welding schedule for Structural construction
  • Site preparation and Grade Preparation methodology
  • BOQ for TT Gantry 4 Bay Extension


  • Proposed Plot Plan with new facilities
  • As Built Piping Layout with existing facilities
  • Piping Material Specification
  • Valve Material Specification
  • Overall Piping General Arrangement Drawing
  • Piping Layout for Tank Farm
  • Piping Layout for Pump House
  • Piping Layout for TT Loading Gantry
  • Piping Layout for Fire Water Main Header
  • Piping Layout for Foam
  • Datasheet - Double Headed Fire Hydrant
  • Datasheet - Water Monitor
  • Datasheet - Water Spray Nozzle
  • Datasheets - Y type Strainer
  • Datasheets - Strainer cum Air Eliminator
  • Isometric Drawings
  • Piping Stress Analysis Report
  • Piping Support Schedule
  • Tie-in Report
  • Pipe Support drawings
  • Painting and Coating Specification
  • Pipe Spool drawing preparation
  • Piping BOQ


  • Lighting Design Calculation - Lube Warehouse
  • LV Power Cable Sizing Calculation
  • Electrical Load List
  • Modified Single Line Diagram
  • Overall Cable Routing Layout
  • Lighting and Small power layout - Pump house
  • Lighting and Small power layout - Warehouse
  • Cable Tray & Earthing Layout - Pump house
  • Earthing Layout - IFR Tank
  • VFD Motor Datasheet
  • Technical Specification - VFD
  • Electrical BOQ - Warehouse Building
  • Electrical BOQ - Pump House and Tank Farm Area


  • Instrument Index
  • Cable Block Diagram
  • Instrument Datasheets
  • Cable Routing Layout
  • Cable Schedule
  • Bill of Quantities
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