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Emergency Response Disaster Management Plan (ERDMP) - iFluids Engineering
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Emergency Response Disaster Management Plan (ERDMP)


The scope shall cover

  • the identification of emergencies
  • the mitigation measures that attempt to reduce and eliminate the risk or disaster
  • the preparedness to develop plans for actions when disaster or emergencies occur
  • the responses that mobilize the necessary emergency services including responders (primary, secondary and tertiary) like fire service, police service, medical service including ambulance, government as well as non-governmental agencies
  • the post disaster recovery with aim to restore the affected area to its original conditions


It is intended to apply Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board Act (2006)

(a) To develop an ERDMP that should be concise and informative so that members of the emergency control organization should be able to quickly refer to the action plan to determine important functions that are being carried out

(b) To manage an emergency and not to use ERDMP just as reference material for training and shall be made applicable

  1. to prevent casualties - both on-site and off-site;
    1. to reduce damage to property, machinery, public and environment;
    1. to develop a state of readiness for a prompt and orderly response to an emergency and to establish a high order of preparedness (equipment, personnel) commensurate with the risk;
    1. to provide an incident management organogram with clear missions and lines of authority (incident command system, field supervision, unified command);
    1. to ensure an orderly and timely decision-making and response process (notification, standard operating procedures);
    1. to maintain good public relations;

The ERDMP shall include 

(a) Classification of emergencies;

(b) Implementation schedule;

(c) Consequences of defaults or non-compliance;

(d) Statutory requirements;

(e) Pre-emergency planning;

(f) Emergency mitigation measures;

(g) Emergency preparedness measures;

(h) Emergency response procedures and measures;

(i) Emergency organization and responsibilities;

(j) Infrastructure requirements;

(k) Declaration of on-site and off-site emergency;

(l) Resources for controlling emergency;

(m) Demographic information;

(n) Medical facilities;

(o) Evacuation;

(p) Public relations and information to public;

(q) Reporting of the incident;

(r) Emergency recovery procedures;

(s) ERDMP for tank trucks and pipelines carrying petroleum products;

(t) Integration of the ERDMP with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) guidelines and action plan on Chemical Disasters (Industrial);

(u) Security threat plan and action plan to meet the eventualities.


An ERDMP manual with all regulations and safety measures to be followed at times of accident or disasters with all necessary information of the hierarchical organizational responsibilities, nearest facilities in mutual aid for timely help and proper understanding and interfaces regarding aspects of notification, responsibilities of personnel and resources of state and local agencies to be deployed in case of actual emergency situation.

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