Emergency Response & Disaster Management Plan for BPCL

The BPCL Gooty Depot is situated in Gooty, Kurnool (road) railway gate, Anantapur District. The POL site is spread on 24.9 acres and is bordered by railway line on its southern side, the major road near to it is NH-7 along the western side of the plant.

The Depot handles 4 products MS, HSD, Ethanol and Bio-Diesel. MS, HSD is received through tank wagons from Irugur. Receipt of ethanol is through distilleries. These products are stored in above ground/underground tanks having a total capacity of 26592 KL. These products are delivered through tank trucks to retail outlets /agencies and consumers. The Motor Spirit (MS) is received to the depot through 12” pipeline at a rate of 400 KL per hour and High Speed Diesel (HSD) through 14” pipeline at a rate of 800 KL per hour. MS and HSD is being supplied to 80 retail outlets from the depot.

The depot takes adequate care and precautions in its operations, however in an unlikely event of fire the depot is equipped with firefighting facilities which include 2 water storage tanks each of 2935 KL filled with water, Auto Fire Hydrant System, Monitors, and dry chemical powder extinguishers. Foam required to fight Petroleum fires is kept ready in the depot for instant use in case of emergency. Facilities to cool the Tanks have also been provided. Mock Fire Drills are conducted on regular basis to assess the preparedness of the Terminal employees in handling situations of exigencies and regular training for an equivalent is imparted to them.

The scope of ERDMP covers –

(i) The identification of emergencies

(ii) The mitigation measures that plan to reduce and eliminate the risk or disaster

(iii) Preparedness to develop plans for actions when disaster or emergencies occur

(iv) The responses that mobilize the specified emergency services including responders (primary, secondary and tertiary) like fire service, police service, medical service including ambulance, government also as non-governmental agencies

(v) The post disaster recovery with aim to revive the affected area to its original conditions