Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan(ERDMP) of Drum Plant

              Indian Oil is India’s Flagship National Oil Company with business interests straddling the entire hydrocarbon  value  chain, from  Refining,  Pipeline transportation  and marketing of  Petroleum products to exploration and production of Crude Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals.

The Drum plant  located at Tondiarpet in Chennai was commissioned in the year 1970 and started manufacturing Bitumen drums and Lube barrels in Mar’1972 and Sep’1972 respectively. The plant has a installed capacity of producing 15,00,000 Barrels per year.

Drum Plant, Chennai consists of the following major sections:

  1. Lube line
  2. Bitumen Line
  3. De-Coiling plant

In the interest of the employees, and the neighborhood population around the plant,IOCL Drum Plant Tondiarpet management has developed this “Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan” with following objectives:

  1. The identification of emergencies;
  2. The mitigation measures that attempt to reduce and eliminate the risk or disaster;
  3. The preparedness to develop plans for actions when disaster or emergencies occur;
  4. The responses that mobilize the necessary emergency services including responders (Primary, secondary and tertiary) like fire service, police service, medical service including ambulance, government as well as non-governmental agencies;
  5. The post disaster recovery with aim to restore the affected area to its original conditions;