Electrical Design & Detail Engineering

The following services are done by us

Basic Engineering

  • Overview of Basic Engineering package, Relevant Codes and Standards
  • Basic Design requirement for Project

System Studies

  • Short Circuit, Load Flow, Motor Starting
  • Relay Coordination

Estimation of Plant Electrical Load

  • Preparation of load schedule
  • Determination of power supply capacity
  • Standby capacity consideration
  • Rating of Generators
  • Rating of Motors

Development of Single Line Diagrams

  • Types of SLD and their study with legend
  • Detail SLD, Lighting system SLD
  • Metering and control diagram
  • Selection and sizing of Electrical Equipments
  • Emergency Generator, Transformer and CT/PT
  • Neutral Grounding Resistance (NGR)
  • HV/MV/LV Switch gears
  • HV/MV/LV Capacitor Banks
  • DC Battery & Battery Charger
  • AC UPS
  • AC/DC Machine

System Studies

  • Short Circuit, Load Flow, Motor Starting
  • Relay Coordination

Hazardous Area Classification and Selection of Equipment’s

  • Zone/Division classification and relevant codes & standards
  • Types of protection for hazardous areas
  • Hazardous source list preparation & Certification of Equipment’s
  • Marking of Equipment Nameplates Hazardous Area Drawings / Layout preparation

Cable Selection and Sizing & Routing

  • Power and Control Cable introduction and cable selection
  • Cable Sizing for Low voltage system & High Voltage System
  • Let through Energy Consideration
  • Earth fault Loop Impedance consideration Cable Schedule & Cable interconnection Schedule
  • Selection and Sizing of Cable Tray
  • Cable tray Schedule & Drum Schedule Conduit Sizing & Selection
  • Cable routing Layout
  • Illumination Design and Calculation

Earthing & Lightning Protection Design

  • Requirement of Earthing in Industrial plants
  • Earthing Design calculation & layout design
  • Type of Earthing and Earthing Installation Details Earthing
  • Lightning Protection requirement & Calculation
  • Lightning Installation details and Layout Design

Sub-Station / Switch Yard Layout and Design

  • Type of Sub-Stations and Layout
  • General Arrangement of substation and Equipment Layout