“Never say “No” attitude”

For the first time we got a call from a premier scientific research oriented organization to conduct a HAZOP study.

Not much information was shared by the Client at the beginning due to inherent sensitivity associated with the project.

Initially it was thought to be a HAZOP for their proposed plant but later had to be revised as HAZID study.

On arrival at the institution, we came to know that there were no P&IDs’ generated for the project. What Client had were few pictorial block diagrams only. Every process sequence was in evolving and discussion phases and the proposed project was supposed to be a scaled up operation of an existing pilot plant.

It was a concern in view of limited information and also the pressure to meet the deadline. Under normal circumstances, lack of P&ID or process parameters details which are not yet finalized would have been a major impediment in proceeding with HAZID/HAZOP.

Somehow we decided to start the proceedings and rushed in an AutoCAD staff from home office and assigned him the development of P&ID work. While HAZID/HAZOP discussions were in progress at the same moment we were guiding and producing the P&ID drawings one after another with a different team of experts based on outcome and conclusions arrived at in the same room.

Finally we were able to complete our proceedings for HAZID/HAZOP and then ensured that all safeguards and interlock logics have been incorporated in the drawings. The whole process was completed within a reasonable time period and utilizing optimum resources in a cost effective manner.

What was started as a HAZOP metamorphosed into HAZID/HAZOP and then came an additional scope of work to develop P&IDs to support the HAZOP proceedings. To add more, even QRA studies were also completed by us at a later stage for the same project.

Even though the job could have been either declined by self or postponed for a later date just for want of drawings, we went out of the way to meet the demands of this particular Client due to their strategic services and our own desire to get a foothold for entry in to the premiere Institution.

The Client’s unflinching support and absolute co-operation in each and every activity were other major motivation for us to do our best and come out in a successful manner.

It was a win-win situation for everyone who were involved with this assignment.

Such experiences happen very rare normally in our business, but whenever it happens it is a professionally challenging one for us at iFluids but at the end it is the pleasure and satisfaction we get at the end which drives us to do more.