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Constructability Review

The purpose of a Constructability Review is to work out if the project are often constructed as designed with the information provided on the drawings and within the specifications and copied notes. The review may produce a far better, quicker, more economical or safer way to construct the project. The aim of constructability review is to analyse and assess the feasibility of construction.

Significance of CR study

The goal of Constructability study is to save lot of the owner time and money by uncovering problems or potential problems which will be encountered during construction like errors, omissions, ambiguities and conflicts. Any construction project (and any proposed contract change) will get benefited from a CR.

Why Constructability Review

One goal of a CR is to stop conflicts among documents – that is, conflicts between drawings and specifications, between drawings or between specification sections. A CR should also end in fewer addendums, higher quality bids from higher quality construction documents, minimal delays, greater understanding of the project goals, a quicker and smoother construction process, and fewer administrative costs over the course of the project for all parties.

Constructability Review (CR) process

• Constructability Review No. 1 is done during scope development (before the initial readiness review and before the feasibility estimate challenge).

• Constructability Review No. 2 takes place during project definition (before the ultimate readiness review and before the control estimate challenge).

Common issues

  • Need qualified reviewers
  • Need a developed Review Methodology
  • Review with “eyes of contractor”
  • Review by interdisciplinary teams

Benefits of Constructability Review

  • Reduces RFI’s
  • Reduces change orders
  • Reduces impossible and impracticable requirements
  • Reduces likelihood of impact claims
  • Enhance Quality
  • Promote construction safety
  • Reduction in contract time
  • Improve contractor productivity


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Report Output

Constructability Review is a crucial part of the planning phase. Reviews done properly will reveal conflicts, which in turn will impact construction time and price. Constructability review is carried out as a five-step process – Prepare, Review, Final Check/Reproduction, Spec-Read and Back-Check.

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