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As the name suggest, Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is applicable to all areas where there is fluid flow. CFD analysis is based on the principles of Navier-Stokes equations, and hence applicable to wide range of physical system involving change in the fluid properties. With the advancement of the computational power of the computers, the computational of the complex systems involving fluids –solid interaction or fluid-fluid interaction can be done elegantly. These simulations can help tackle real life problems and improve the performance of the process.

We have vast experience of performing and delivering expected results to the clients for their problem. Performing CFD analysis of any system involves mainly has three steps namely pre-processing, computation and post-processing. During pre-processing, the physics of the system such as geometry, operating condition, and physical properties are entered in a software package. Once the computer model is ready, the computation over it performed. The post-processing involves analysing and validation of the result from the model, which requires good expertise; otherwise, it is just a cartoon. We feel proud tohave a team with extensive experience in solving problem in both academia as well as industrial level. The recommendation from our experts have helped industries save money as well as time.  


  1. ANSYS Fluent
  2. COMSOL Multiphysics
  3. Autodesk

The deliverable of the CFD analysis would vary based on the requirements of the client. However, one can at least the deliverables would include the analysis report and the necessary recommendations for the improvement in the performance of the process.

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