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Cold Vent Dispersion Analysis study for PSV Cold Stack of the Numaligarh Refinery

Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL), which was set up at Numaligarh in the district of Golaghat (Assam) in accordance with the provisions made in the historic Assam Accord signed on 15th August 1985, has been conceived as a vehicle for speedy industrial and economic development of the region.

The present authorized capital of the company is Rs. 1000 crores and paid up capital is Rs. 735.63 crores.

Numaligarh Refinery Limited has awarded iFluids Engineering to carry out Cold Vent Dispersion Analysis study for PSV Cold Stack of the Numaligarh Refinery.

The Dispersion Study included the following steps:

  • To estimate quantity of consignment release from the vents to atmosphere
  • To estimate potential hazards and subsequent effects of fire, explosion, toxicity etc. whichever and wherever is applicable.
  • To identify hazards and how they could materialize.
  • To recommend suitable height for the open vents.

Dispersion modeling will be conducted to evaluate the effect distances of the released consignment from vent scenarios and their impact on dispersion. The following activities comprise the dispersion analyses which will be carried out for the project:

Source term modelling to determine the release rate;

Physical effects modelling to determine the size of the hazard that is associated with the released fluid (for example heat radiation, flammable gas dispersion etc.,). Comparison of the physical effects model with the impact criteria.

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