Chemical Compatibility Study


The study intended to carry out Chemical Compatibility study for the RB plant situated at Baddi.


The chemical compatibility Study was intended to be carried out for the chemicals stored in their storage area sections like Ayurvedic Section, Corridor Section, Liquid Section, Cold Room Section, Tablet Section, Ointment Section and Personal Care Section.


All MSDS sheets were collected for all chemicals. The chemicals were segregated according to their physical, chemical properties, flash point, storage medium details, auto ignition temperature, flammability, incompatibility with other materials, NFPA details and all other information available in the MSDS. For each section the chemical mixture was created in CRW version 4 software and the compatibility was studied for the chemicals. A compatibility chart was generated for each mixture based on the storage sections. The Material Safety Data Sheets provided by client are the primary reference for storage guidance for that material. Also the hazardous properties of the chemicals have been studied and chart have been generated for each chemical based on the information provided in the MSDS. The report concludes with the chemical compatibility charts showing information that chemicals when accidently come together can lead to hazards. Recommendations were provided accordingly for safe handling and storage of chemicals to avoid any accidental hazard occurring in the plant.