Assessment Of Safety Of Control Rooms & Installation Of Suitable Pressurizing System Or Any Other Alternative At Urea Control Room

Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) has awarded iFluids Engineering to carry out the Process Safety Control Rooms study for its Nitrogenous Fertilizer plant located at Kalol, Gujarat. The document identifies the methodology proposed by iFluids Engineering and accepted by IFFCO for the completion of the study. The methodology for Process Control Rooms Safety Study was done as per OISD -STD-163-Rev-1 Safety of Process Control Rooms.

Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) has an existing Ammonia and Urea Plant at Kalol, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. IFFCO Kalol facility is located on Ahmedabad – Mehsana State Highway, at about 18km from Gandhinagar, capital of Gujarat. Major products produced at IFFCO Ltd., are Ammonia (1100TPD) and Urea (1650TPD).

The objective of the study was to carry out a systematic, critical assessment of Toxic &flammable atmosphere, present or likely to be present in the Iffco facilities –Kalol plant’s Control Room’s. This is for determining the Risk with regard to Ammonia vapors/ gases / mists etc. entered in the Control Room in past and possibilities of such occurrences.

  • Process Control Rooms Safety Study was carried out for the below facilities at IFFCO, Kalol:
  • Ammonia Plant Control Room
  • Urea Plant Control Room
  • Ammonia Storage Tank Control Room
  • ETP Control Room
  • Bagging Control Room
  • Utility Boiler Control Room
  • Cooling water Control Room

The scope of work was

  • Assessment of safety standard at all plant control rooms
  • Performance study of existing HVAC system of Urea plant control room.
  • Study of integrity of Urea control room and analyse the leakage points, suggestion to arrest the leakage points.
  • Recommend the suitable pressurizing system/any alternative for Urea control room to avoid Ammonia gas entering from outside.


Study approach based on identified potential sources of Ammonia Gas /Vapors Release in the work places / process plants and to take appropriate measures to reduce /stop the exposure of Toxic Gas i.e. Ammonia for the employees working in control Room for controlling the operations of plants. Ammonia Gas is Toxic in nature and inhalation of Ammonia Gas may sever effect the plant operations during abnormal condition of Plant.

Moreover, the facilities must be equipped with all emergency equipment’s / facilities so that without any fear plant operations can be done.