As-Built Process Plant P&ID Development and Standardization

Coromandel International Limited (CIL), India’s second largest Phosphatic fertilizer player, is in the business segments of Fertilizers, Specialty Nutrients, Crop Protection and Retail. At present there’s no standard process P&ID drawing at CIL for all the plants, CIL proposed to make the standard process as-built P&ID drawing for entire plant including utilities. The P&ID shall be in line with the international standard of legends and symbols. 

The scope of work includes,

  • Site visit to the entire facility by tracking each and every line of the process plant and making the mark-up at site.
  • Generation of P&ID as per mark-up at site with standard legends and symbols.
  • Incorporation and reflection of all the existing instrumentation interlocks and controls in the as-built P&ID.

iFluids conducted the site visit at in all units at CIL called APS, CPP, MED, PAP, SAP-1 & 2 and UTILITY. CIL incorporated and commissioned some of the units in 1964 with conventional equipment and old pipeline leads to difficulties in tracking of process and utility pipelines. iFluids has done a subsequent visits to each and every unit for making a precise mark-up to provide the standard drawings and finalized total number of P&ID’s as 45. iFluids followed the international standards of ANSI / ISA to develop Legends & Symbols for CIL. All the P&ID’s have done based on CIL approved Legends and Symbols with timely delivery of final As Built – P&ID’s resulted in the height of good quality and client satisfaction.