Annual Rate Contract (ARC) for conducting Hazard Operationability (HAZOP) and Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) of GNGPL CNG Stations

Goa Natural Gas (P) Ltd. (A Joint Venture of Gail Gas Limited & BPCL) has been authorised by PNGRB for setting up the City Gas Distribution Network in the Geographical Area of North Goa and Ponda.
GNGPL is setting up the City Gate Station (CGS) near SV-5G of GAIL (India) Limited for tap-off for NG, Odorizing and for LCV filling. We are also setting up CNG station at OMC retail outlets as per the targets given.

The main objective of QRA & HAZOP is to:

To address foreseeable significant hazards in the activities and operations in installation. The methodology of HAZOP should be to assess the existing risk in any operation / activity in conjugation with the safety precautions and suggest future safety measures in terms of improvement / addition interlock machines guarding, fire / electrical protection system and PPE to reduce risk etc.