Vedanta (erstwhile Cairn India Limited having merged with Vedanta Limited w.e.f April 11, 2017), is operating an export facility to transfer crude oil to Oil Tankers through SPM, at Ravva terminal. The facility consists of oil offloading from crude storage tanks through VFD pumps, via two 20″ and 15 km long export pipelines to a floating SPM. The two export pipelines are U-looped to enable pigging operation.

iFluids Engineering has carried out pressure surge analysis for the two 20″ and 15 km long Crude Export lines in order to evaluate the maximum transient pressure surges in various foreseeable mal-operations. The objective is to enable the export oil safely through the production system, avoiding high pressures and eventual loss of containment.

The purpose of this study is,

  • To develop steady state model and perform Hydraulic study of the existing Crude Oil Export pipelines at Ravva terminal.
  • Perform Transient Analysis and estimation of surge pressure for Export Pipelines due to
  • Sudden closure of Breakaway coupling, PLEM export valve, SDV during Pigging and oil tanker inlet manifold change over valve.
  • Unexpected increase in rpm of export pump & sudden recycle valve closure.

To provide the surge mitigation measures, when the surge pressure exceeds the allowable surge pressure.